There are plenty of seasons throughout the course of one’s life where things can get (or at least seem to get) out of focus.

I tend to find myself in seasons of lack of focus when I get out of routine.

Laziness. Fatigue. Sickness. Struggle. All are poisons to my systems, my discipline and, at times, my worship of self and the “control” I sinfully attempt to convince myself I have.

Yet, there is such a sweet remedy to these things – to focus on Jesus.

In him, we find our passion to continue the path that he has called us to walk. In Christ, we find our rest, both in our day-to-day / moment-to-moment, and eternally. We know the Healer and the one who holds all of Creation, not just our frail bodies, together in perfection. His yoke is light and so much greater than the heavy loads we like to place upon ourselves.

You may need a reminder, like me. You may be completely focused in the season you’re in.

Regardless, may we push one another to look to the one who holds us in his hands, and place our gaze where it rightfully should be.