“Steadfast” – the word itself always evokes scenes from some of my favorite movies when I see it written or hear it in conversation (though I would venture to say that we rarely use the term in our everyday conversations). I think of Mel Gibson’s William Wallace, of Russel Crowe in “Gladiator”, of Tom Hanks in “Saving Private Ryan” (or even Winters, in “Band of Brothers”). I think of Wycliffe and Zwingli, Luther and Knox. I think of Washington and the other Fathers of our nation, of men who stood in the gap for civil rights, and for future generations to have freedoms that they did not know. I think of countless examples given to us in the pages of scripture, too – those examples set for us to follow in our lives as we chase the Lord. It’s a value that I want to be evident in my own life, and one that I pray I might instill in my children and, Lord-willing, my grandchildren as well.

Tim Keller had this to say in his devotional, “The Songs of Jesus” – “‘Steadfastness’ is courage – standing one’s ground and doing right regardless of fears and consequences. Where does courage come from? Primarily it comes from wanting something more than your own safety…True courage is not ‘I can do it’ – that is self-confidence. It is, rather, ‘This is more important than me.’ [For example] David will face any foe for the sake of this Lord, whom he loves above all. He’s not looking at himself. That is the secret of courage.”

In our society, today, we need men (and women) who look to the future with steadfastness. Not to the left or the right for political reasons and not just for their own best interests, but leaders who stand firm in their convictions and see that which is greater (the glory of the Lord) to be seen in coming generations.

Are your convictions worth standing for, regardless the fears and consequences that may assail you? Do you want to see the glory of God magnified among the nations more than to feel “safe?” Are you relying on self more than the one who sustains and moves his people forward?

May we be a steadfast people, modeling the same resolve that our Savior displayed in his earthly life; the same steadfastness with which he loves and leads us, today.